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Ray Christman

Volume 11 – October 2023 – Part 3

The City of Naples Budget – “A Prudent Approach To Meet Our Needs and Obligations” The City’s fiscal year begins on October 1, so September is the month when final budget approvals occur. But it is important you know that this process begins at least six months prior...

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Volume 11 – October 2023 – Part 2

Florida Senate Bill 250 and the Naples Land Development Code – Some Straight Talk Many of you may have heard about Senate Bill 250, which has been an ongoing topic at City Council meetings since this past spring. There has been a lot of noise surrounding this state...

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Volume 11 – October 2023 – Part 1

Major Development Projects on the Horizon – What You Should Know As we all know, the pace of development and redevelopment activity has only increased in recent years, ironically stimulated rather than suppressed both by the Pandemic and Hurricane Ian. Here is my...

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