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Dear Resident:

Welcome to Volume 6 of my City Council newsletter! Much has been happening in Naples in recent months as City Council (and the City’s Community Redevelopment Agency) tackle a number of complex and important issues.

Here is a sampling of what will be under consideration between now and our summer recess in mid-June:

  • Construction of a public parking garage to support the proposed new Gulf Shore Playhouse theatre and other new development on 1st Avenue South near Goodlette-Frank Road.
  • Selecting a consultant to develop a master plan and vision for the “41/10 Corridor”, the core of the City’s Community Redevelopment area;
  • A proposal to build a new AC Marriott hotel at the corner of Goodlette-Frank Road and Rt 41 East, part of the overall Naples Square development;
  • Action on a new ordinance that would set height limits for commercial buildings at 42 feet as required by the City Charter;
  • Action on an updated stormwater development code for new construction in Naples (lot coverage, setbacks, pervious surfaces, etc);
  • Action on recommendations to encourage or require use of pervious surfaces in alleyways in the city and place new requirements around landscaping in swales and public rights-of-way;
  • Approval of the Gulf Shore Boulevard Beach Outfalls project design, which should lead to construction commencing on this important project before the end of 2021;
  • Award of the construction contract for restoration of Spring Lake and East Lake;
  • A decision on whether to extend or make permanent the new rules regarding “beach sticker only” parking at the beach end avenues;
  • Consideration of a new proposed ethics code for the City to be submitted by our recently established City Ethics Commission.

These major items are in addition to the usual, “routine” array of issues. that regularly come before Council. But since all of these items are still works in progress, I will wait until my summer newsletter to further report on them.

Given that, I am taking a different direction with this Volume 6 of my newsletter, asking you for your views on a number of important issues affecting our City.

I ask you to take a few minutes to complete and return the attached short survey. I want to continue to understand your priorities so I can best serve you.

Thank you.

Ray Christman
Naples City Council
735 8th Street North
Naples, Florida 34102


The survey has ended. The results can be found in the Volume 7 – June 2021 post.